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Crawford Sprinkler Company is proud to be one of America’s oldest Fire Sprinkler Companies.

Crawford Sprinkler was established in Atlanta, Georgia on January 1, 1920. Upon expansion, the company soon branched to several cities by the 1930s.

The South Carolina office, established in 1965, was a branch of the Crawford Sprinkler in Charlotte. In 1971, Wm. S. Phifer, Jr. (son-in-law of D.B. Crawford) purchased the majority stock in the South Carolina branch after being a 25-year employee for the company. He ran the business for another 34 years until turning over control of the company to his children in 1999.

Management and ownership still remain in the Phifer family (grandchildren of its founder D.B. Crawford) as Crawford Sprinkler continues to provide quality fire sprinkler systems, as we have for the past 95+ years. Having been family-owned and operated for more than 90 years makes us the oldest continuously family-operated fire sprinkler contractor in America, or quite possibly the world.

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President, CEO, Treasurer, & Chairman of the Board

Having been in business since 1920, Crawford Sprinkler has encountered virtually every aspect of automatic fire protection and is well qualified to assist you in your fire protection endeavor.

With over 100 years of experience, we can do it all.

Company Profile

The company was originally founded January 1, 1920 in Atlanta, GA. Crawford Sprinkler Company is one of the oldest family owned and continuously operated fire sprinkler contractors in the nation. We relocated to Charlotte, NC in 1944 then Columbia, SC in 1965 and later to Lugoff, SC in 2008. Crawford Sprinkler Co. of SC, Inc. is still owned and operated by the Grandchildren of David B. Crawford Sr.
At Crawford Sprinkler Company we specialize in all areas of water based fire sprinkler systems and work in the full range of construction project types and sizes. With our own in-house design and fabrication departments we are able to meet all project schedules in a competitive and cost effective manner.

Crawford Sprinkler Company of South Carolina Original Building 1965

We are the leader in the industry with over 100 years of experience!